What Is The Meaning Of Diplomatic Agreement

Convention Agreement between two or more States, often more, on matters of common interest. Although it is supposed to be used for smaller issues than those provided for in a treaty, it often deals with issues that are important in fact postal and international copyright laws, such as the law of the sea. Foggy Bottom The name given to a once swampy area near the Potomac River in Washington and is now somewhat disrespectfully bequeathed to the U.S. State Department, one of the region`s best-known modern residents. In the 11th century, during the Song Dynasty (960-1279), there were cunning ambassadors such as Shen Kuo and Su Song who achieved diplomatic success with the Liao Dynasty, the often hostile neighbor Khitan to the north. The two diplomats secured the legitimate borders of the Song Dynasty through cartographic knowledge and dredging of ancient court archives. There was also a triad of war and diplomacy between these two states and the Tangut dynasty of western Xia in northwest Song China (centered on present-day Shaanxi). After Song and Lý came into conflict with the Lý dynasty of Vietnam from 1075 to 1077, they concluded a peace treaty in 1082 to exchange the respective lands they had conquered during the war. Unlike in the past, when an ambassador negotiating a treaty was not pressed for time, a lack of mutual understanding in today`s negotiating processes can jeopardize the stability and security of a region. Negotiators must be aware that if they do not reach an agreement, they must return „to reformulate a framework that works“ (Zartman and Berman 1982, 147).

This is exactly what happened in Yemen recently. More than three months of peace talks to end a war in which 6,500 people were killed came to a halt on 6 August 2016. This has called into question the future of the fragile ceasefire, which could potentially exacerbate one of the world`s worst humanitarian crises. The UN special envoy for Yemen said talks had been suspended to find a lasting solution to the conflict, not a weak one. Ancient Greek city-states sent emissaries on certain occasions to negotiate certain issues such as war and peace or trade relations, but did not have diplomatic representatives regularly stationed on each other`s territory. .