Tenancy Agreement Gdpr Clause

As far as I know, no consent is required when personal data is processed under „legal requirement“, „contract“, „vital interests“ or „legitimate interests“, which pretty much covers the reasons why the owners would process information during the management of a lease, so we should be correct without consent as long as we do our job as we should. *High-Five* 2. is shared if required by law, for example. B with a tenant deposit manager in accordance with legal requirements; The processing of personal data is necessary because you have a rental agreement or license with the tenant and you both have to fulfill your obligations. The same applies when it is necessary to take certain measures before you contract it. We conducted a processing activity audit for our own rental portfolio (if you didn`t know, we are an owner and manage the guild). We found four main categories of tenants: that`s why we have now presented a separate agreement to talk with housing allowance or universal credit. This document is automatically sent by e-mail with the tenant`s rental agreements, so you never need to go to the form section for this consent form. If you really want to be a belt and brace, you can send the new rental privacy policy to your existing tenants, indicating that your privacy policy has been updated for the use of their information. Here, for example, is an excerpt from the privacy policy in the rental request form: there is absolutely no need to conclude new rental agreements for the GDPR.

Our old agreements still contained data protection guidelines on the back, which were not as detailed as they are today, but which we felt were sufficient to continue the rest of the lease. If new tenants take over real estate, they will soon disappear in time. Have you saved or recorded personal information about your tenants on an electrical appliance, for example.B. rental requests, contact details, rentals? If you take on a new tenant, you will inevitably collect, store, and use their personal information (data). For example, use their contact information to communicate with them during the creation of the lease agreement and you may have already passed it on to get financial and other references, for example.B. from a bank or a former owner. . .