Strategic Cooperation Frame Agreement

shall enter into force on the date of this Agreement and shall remain valid in time, and Section 5 (confidentiality) shall remain in effect two years after the end of the period. Other provisions of this Agreement shall enter into force on the date of entry into force after performance by the Parties and shall remain in effect for the entire duration, unless otherwise agreed by the Parties. The parties shall negotiate the extension of the term three (3) months before its expiry and the term may be extended by mutual agreement between the parties. (iv) Subject to specific commercial cooperation agreements, the duration of the commercial cooperation provided for in this section is 5 years from the date of launch of the Pinduoduo Portal weixin Wallet. The duration of the cooperation referred to in point (b)(i) of this subparagraph shall be five years from the date of entry into force; If Pinduoduo`s accumulated processing fee does not exceed the amount taken at expiration, Pinduoduo`s unassessed amount may continue to be recovered after the expiration date, unless otherwise agreed by the parties.   After the meeting, Qu Yang, a member of the party`s standing committee and vice chairman of the MCC, and Yong Hui, deputy mayor of Yinchuan, signed the framework agreement on strategic cooperation on behalf of the two sides. In response to the country`s request to revive the country with regard to the strategic cooperation of the Beacon Basin (Shuntian) complex rural construction project, the two sides reached, after repeated consultations, a consensus on cooperation and decided to follow the principles of equity, justice and mutual benefit and thus sign Ming Yuan – The strategic cooperation agreement of the uprojekts rural agricultural land is as follows: means that the share purchase agreement, which was concluded on 17 This agreement will be effective and implemented if signed by all four parties. 2.2 During the term of this Agreement, Tencent will refer to the plan and principles set out in Annex A-1 to this Agreement, in order to implement commercial cooperation with Pinduoduo for the opening and provision of Weixin Wallet Portal services and Weixin payment services.