Iata Master Engine Maintenance Agreement

In July 2018, IATA announced that it had reached an agreement with CFM International (CFM) that will strengthen competition in the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) market for CFM engines, a 50/50 partnership between GE and Safran Aircraft Engines. In addition, we insert sector surveys (for example. B capitalization of aircraft depreciation and maintenance costs, paperless supply chains, CEP) and projects (e.g. B, standardization of maintenance contracts, aircraft leasing and maintenance reserves) for the benefit of the company community. The details of Contributor Iryna Khomenko Iryna is currently working at IATA on an industry presentation agreement for engine shop visits and harmonized documents for aircraft rental transfer. Prior to joining IATA, she worked for six years as head of maintenance and financial engineering at Aerosvit Airlines in Ukraine. Its missions included financial and economic aspects of the airline`s technical operations. Iryna began her career as an economist in Ukrainian – Mediterranean Airlines, after earning her master`s degree in management and economics. The Aircraft Availability Document (pdf) aims to define the different types of availability on the basis of a common approach developed by aircraft operators and manufacturers, the measure being based on downtimes.

The different downtime metrics are based on data collection for aircraft hours of service using the ATA Spec 2000 Out of Service data recording. It identifies aircraft unavailability drivers in two main categories: planned maintenance operations and unforeseen operations, in order to identify all possible causes that make an aircraft no longer available. In order to improve the efficiency of maintenance contracts, the Ama Master is available for use in the industry. We offer a unique analysis of data and benchmarks with more than 50 airlines, which account for 25% of fleet and maintenance costs worldwide. Paper Component Maintenance Cost Management (pdf) offers a CMC ventilation method with a brief description of each category. In addition, examples of good practice are provided to address the most common component maintenance problems. The Maintenance Cost Conference (MCC) is the annual MCTG event that takes place for three days in the fall in a different location with a different theme each year. Aircraft maintenance experts meet to discuss hot topics and industry trends.

The conference usually welcomes an average of 150 delegates. As part of the agreement, CFM adopted a series of „codes of conduct“ that will enhance the capabilities of third-party MRO engines and services on the CFM56 and new LEAP series engines. Among the many elements of the agreement, CFM agreed: Download the mcTG Toolset (zip) to transmit your maintenance cost data to MCTG. The IATA Maintenance Cost Technical Group (MCTG) – formerly known as the Maintenance Cost Task Force (MCTF) – is the only voluntary group of airlines that collects and analyzes maintenance costs. The Aircraft Leases Manual (pdf) is intended for engineers working in the airline`s technical/technical department, as well as technical representatives of leasing companies, and provides guidance on leasing issues during the lifecycle of the life cycle. This document is similar to THAT of WADA, but it applies to the module. Each year, we collect maintenance cost data from more than 50 airlines worldwide (about a quarter of the global fleet and MRO expenses). The Alternate (PMA) Parts and Approved (non-OEM) Repairs (pdf) manual provides guidelines and best practices for airlines to reduce maintenance costs by using replacement spare parts (z.B.