Ancillary Services Procurement Agreements

If you are a current sub-provider, you must have received tender documents. NGCP provided additional services in the form of a five-year recreational-automatic power support with AP Renewables` Macban A and B Geothermal Plane. Before entering into contracts, new suppliers must demonstrate the ability of their devices to provide service through testing. Some services also require regular testing during the term of the contract. You`ll find instructions for testing in the Asset Test Guide. MANILA, Philippines – The National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGPC) has secured additional services to provide electricity to the Luzon electricity grid over the next five years. If you are not a current co-provider and you would like a copy of the tender file, see the following page: The Magat, Ambuklao and Binga hydroelectric plants of the Group of Fordienstleistungen have obtained provisional approval from the Commission for Energy Regulation (ERC) for three new contracts to purchase ancillary services (ASPA). The agreements apply to the provision of additional reneged performance assistance (RPS-AS) services for the Luzon Grid, which lasts five years. Auxiliary services are the capacity and energy sources necessary for the stable and reliable operation of the networked transmission system.

RPS-AS refers to the ability of production units to inject or absorb the reactive power of the grid in order to maintain voltage in the default values established in the Philippine grid code and to support the reliable transfer of power from power plants to consumers. SNAP Group President and CEO Joseph S. Yu said they „welcome the development. Part of SNAP`s task is to provide energy solutions, including the services needed to maintain energy quality, reliability and network security. Ancillary services are needed to support transportation capacity, maintain reliable operation of the transmission system and maintain power on the grid. This was when the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) approved NGCP`s Auxiliary Services Purchase Agreement (ASPA) with Prime Meridian Powergen Corp. (PMPC). We enter into contracts with market players (generators, distributors, suppliers of large trucks and demand aggregators) through a completed tendering process, which is carried out every year between August and November.